Jed Spangler started his career in
magic differently than most
magicians. His first magical
experience happened when he drove
Penn and Teller to a show for his
employer's son's 21st birthday party.

As Penn and Teller were preparing to
go on stage, Teller grabbed Jed's
arm and brought him on to the stage
to hold their props.

After Jed retired, he followed his
passion for magic and discovered the
Denny and Lee Magic shop in
Baltimore, MD. Denny taught Jed that
being a magician is not about fooling
people with tricks, it is all about
entertaining people.
Considering Jed was starting out in
magic later in life than most magicians,
he understood he would need to find
some mentors in order to expedite the
process of becoming a great magician.

Jed attended the Magic and Mystery
School taught by Jeff McBride and
Eugene Burger and took private
lessons from Jeff, a world class stage
magician, and Eugene, a master of
close up magic.

Jed also worked privately with Bob
Fitch who has coached David
Copperfield, Jeff McBride and David
Blaine, to help him with the theatrical
side of his show.
Jed spent a year as a magician’s
assistant for a prominent
Washington, DC magician before
becoming a full time magician.

Jed is capable of entertaining in
many different venues, while tailoring
his performance to fit your corporate
function, private party, wedding,
charity event or trade show.

Depending on your event, Jed can
entertain by performing walk around
magic, close up magic, parlor and
stage shows.

Jed enjoys giving back to the
community through magic and has
volunteered to perform shows for
local hospitals and other fundraising
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